Welcome to CVWDC

Welcome to Cache Valley Working Dog Club's official website. CVWDC is a non-profit organization. We train in Ogden/Logan/Salt Lake City areas in Utah. We promote the IGP sport (previously known as Schutzhund or IPO) and support the use of working dogs for police K-9 work, ring sports, scenting work, search and rescue work, therapy work and other ways in which working dogs are utilized. We support and organize IGP trials, encourage and promote sportsman-like competition at trials and training sessions. CVWDC is a full member of DVG America.

Cache Valley Working Dog Club provides training in IGP sport. We train our dogs in tracking, obedience, and protection. The club prides itself on working together as a team. Our goal is to help each other excel at getting the most out of our dogs and ourselves. We encourage our members to be motivated trainers, always support each other, have a sense of humor, and train our dogs to the best of the handler/dog ability.

Our official training sessions are Saturday mornings. We also train on some weekdays depending on our club members needs. For fun, we also do protection night training with our dogs. Visitors are very welcome. If you would like to visit our club and/or participate in a training session, please contact our club president.

Yours in the Sport,